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Tori Spelling has a new baby… pig


In reality we are talking about a 4 pound mini pig named Nutmeg, 2 months old coming from a breeder in Florida.
The star is pregnant waiting with her husband Dean McDermott their fifth child, a boy.

But meanwhile, she posted a new photo on her Instagram account showing the new pet posing with her and the 4 children.
She writes: “Maybe not the ideal timing with my baby due so soon but all babies are blessings whenever they come into your life!”
And we believe that this is just so much precious, Tori.
She continues: “Nutmeg is so sweet and such a great addition to our family!” And again “My babies absolutely love her! Welcome to the family Nutmeg!”
To be honest, the Spelling family has a lot of pets including dogs, hairless guinea pig, chickens, a goat and more.

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