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Escape Room is not another Saw

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Six strangers can’t wait to start a new journey in a scaring escape room experience. It’s a game, a real game, a real and rough competition where people fight to survive or die. 
Yes, in some ways we all have been thinking at another “Saw” inspired movie. 
But it is not. There’s no torture at all. 
From an upside down room where the floor drops away and an elevator shaft to hell appears… to one of the rooms when they are sitting in a regular waiting room, nothing strange till when they realise they are in a huge oven that’s baking them. 
The contestants, as I said, they signed for a competition, they all wanted the $10,000 prize but they think the purpose is to find hidden compartments, keys, cryptic word clues, like any other escape room. 
In some ways… it is like that, but facing with time they can die if they fail to find a solution. 
In the movie Logan Miller is a mouthy millennial, Deborah Ann Woll an Iraq War Veteran, Tyler Labine a trucker, Jay Ellis a financial player, Taylor Russell is a wallflower, virtuous quiet girl and Nik Domani a junior veteran gamer.
The movie has been directed by Adam Robitel and written by Bragi F Schut and Maria Melnik.

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