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Leaving Neverland, who cares today?

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What if it was today?
Michael Jackson was a paedophile? Sooner or later we all asked ourselves this same question. Because we loved his music and his talent and we’ve been fighting with our brain to let it go.
But you can’t let it go, something that sounds that bad. 
The documentary Leaving Neverland presents a Michael Jackson assaulting minors and forcing them to sexual acts regardless of his life his point of view.
Sexual allegations about him shocked our lives in 1993, some kind of a long time ago. 
He died in 2009 with more than $700 million debts. His life was totally uncontrolled but when he passed away all the ambivalent feelings have been cancelled by a strong sense of nostalgia and tragedy.  
Well, those times are gone and we still have the same questions sometimes bouncing in our head. Was Jacko a paedophile?
The point is that we’ll never get over this point. Fans totally refuse to identify him as a paedophile and in some cases they could even accept him because of his music and his talent. 
Well, we know for sure that if Michael would be alive today his real life would be a nightmare following more and more accusations. 
Anyway we must find a way to consider the situation watching or not the documentary one day, we must accept the real facts and what the story is telling us. 
But, at the same time, we can’t consider to play this game any longer. 
Are we still listening to his music? Yes we do and we still enjoy those moments. Because one thing is the person, one other is the talent and the genius that the person represents. 
We should never let the 2 things cross themselves. We should always keep them separate. 

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