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Lynda Carter on the Walk of Fame

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The very first and the only original Wonder Woman finally had her star on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Linda is 66 and still looking awesome during the ceremony where family and friends joined her together with Patty Jenkins, the director of the latest “Wonder Woman” movie.

Linda has been grateful with everyone with the following Instagram message:
“It seems impossible that I’ve been in the entertainment industry for 50 years. But I love this business ― I love the creative process, the work, the performing … all of it,” she wrote, adding a big thank you to her fans. “This is a day I will never forget.”

Carter was in the 70s CBS series “Wonder Woman” with the leading role as a superhero.
So, for everyone just knowing Gal Gadot, the most modern Wonder Woman, now you know there’s a lot of history behind it.


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