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Wearable Heart Rate Monitor

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No matter if you are wearing a Fitbit or a Garmin. Heart rate monitors are being used in different clinical trials.
But sometimes, they are probably not really accurate.
That’s where clinicaltrials.gov started the research with 200 trials involving Fitbit devices.
At Fitbit are clear with the descriptions when they say that “are not intended for medical purposes”.
Garmin makes it clear as well, presenting the devices for recreational purposes only and not medical purposes.
The heart rate readings can be real or very close to the real situation, but it can even be totally inaccurate.
The science behind is called photoplethysmography, the mesure of the artery volume using the light that is entering the skin. Most of the light enters the body tissues but some is reflected.
That is what can cause the inaccurate heart rate recordings.
We should keep on buying these tools then, of course. But we must know that we can get a first idea of our heart rate that when is going to be too low or too high, it requires a second and a more accurate check.

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