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Welcome to Marwen

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The new release from Universal Pictures is getting less than expected at the box office.
Welcome to Marwen is just a real Christmas story with a very deep meaning, maybe too deep because the first stats are not exactly good.
And if you think that is another Robert Zemeckis direction, well it’s time to find the reason of another failure.
Experct say that Universal will lose at least 50 millions with this movie but it’s too early to know it.
And at the end… what if we kinda like the movie.
We actually love the story and what Steve Carell gave to the role of the photographer Mark Hogancamp who created a town of miniatures in his backyard, to go over some kind of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Cast include even Leslie Mann, Janelle Monae and Diane Kruger.
Marwen is now playing in theaters but it’s not gonna be for a long time if there will be more disastrous weekends.

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